Wealthy People Are NOT “Lucky”…

Empower Network Leaders are NOT Lucky.

Wealthy People Are NOT “Lucky”

I received an email earlier this week from a guy who was just flat out fed up with Empower Network.

In his email he explained how he has been at this for 2 weeks and that he was ready to quit because he only made 2 sales.

He went on to say that I must have just gotten in at the right time and that I was “one of the LUCKY ones” to see massive success online.

I often refer to these types as “The Poor Mentality” or “The Lottery Mentality.” These are people who have “Shiny Ball Syndrome” and jump from program to program thinking that the issue is with the opportunity, when in fact… they need to look inwards. They fall prey to the “Overnight Success” stories and when they don’t see immediate results for them self, they quit… and that’s the worst thing you can do.

Lets Look at a Quick Scenario…

Empower Network Traditional Business. In the traditional world, people open businesses in buildings.

It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the doors open and the shelves stocked… not to mention the additional costs of employees, merchant fees, continued product purchases (only to resell those products for a couple dollars more than you purchased them), and tens of thousands of dollars in additional overhead expenses depending on the business that you decided to “invest” in.

On the other hand… here online, you have the opportunity to open a business for yourself for less than the cost of a pizza with friends. pizza

BOTH businesses require effort.

However, there are infinite differences.

  • Online, you have the potential to be in profit within your first week, where in the traditional world it is not uncommon to break even in 3 to 5 years… that is, if you don’t go out of business in the process.
  • Online, you can rely on proven marketing methods, and a proven business model to help you achieve your desired result and you can often gain this knowledge for free or for a VERY low cost, where in the traditional world you’ll need a college degree in business that can costs dozens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to start to understand the mechanics of creating a successful empire.

I can go on for hours about the benefits of online vs. traditional – but don’t let anyone fool you…

Wealthy People Are NOT Lucky!

Wealthy people make a commitment to study wealth, and then APPLY what they learn.

I learned a long time ago that if I wanted to learn how to do something … learn from the best.

books-studyIf you want to learn how to be happy – study happy people.
If you want to learn how to be healthy – study healthy people.
If you want to learn how to be wealthy – STUDY WEALTHY PEOPLE.

Empower Network Place Blame On OthersI think it is hilarious (in an unfortunate way) when I read a negative review online or hear comments like the one that was sent to me in the email earlier this week because I know without question that these people are creating their own failures.

They are placing blame on others for their lack of effort to LEARN and take action.

And guess what – when they make these statements publicly, guess who they attract… You guessed it – more people who will continue to fail and place blame on others because “they weren’t one of the “LUCKY” ones.

Let Me Ask You A Question… 

I am sure that you have seen your fair share of businesses (let’s use a restaurant in this example) that have opened and then went out of business shortly thereafter… right?

And at the same time, you’ve seen your fair share of restaurants that have succeeded tremendously.

empower network franchiseWe can both agree that opening a restaurant is a proven business model… right? In other words – people CAN succeed in the restaurant industry.

We can also agree that people can fail miserably in the restaurant industry as well… right?

The difference between those that succeed and those that fail is the path that these business owners took, and the education that they consumed and applied.

So The Question Is – If you want to be successful in the restaurant industry – are you going to get advice from the people who failed, or the people who succeeded?

And if you want to succeed online, where do you plan on getting your advice?

Will it be from someone who bashes other successful people, and / or writes negative reviews, and / or posts negative comments on social media about how THEY couldn’t make it work, therefor it must not work for anyone (those are the best by the way : ) …

OR will it be from someone who has a track record of success, and / or uplifts others, and / or always has a positive outlook on life, and business.

Make sense?

Much like the traditional world… WE, (here at Empower Network) have a proven business model.

You can’t argue with the fact that ENOURMOUS incomes are being produced with Empower Network. Heck, I Am A Great Example Of This:


Now don’t get me wrong – I STUDIED wealth to create these results. I LEARNED from the top producers in the industry and then APPLIED what I learned. It didn’t happen overnight, but now that it IS happening… there’s no stopping it.

In other words – if it’s possible for me… it’s possible for ANYONE.

And now that I know HOW to create these results, I decided to document every strategy that has proven to work, and I GIVE these marketing strategies, and bonuses away to those that partner with us and decide they are ready to create results, freedom and success in their life as well…

You just need to follow our proven plan.

In fact we aren’t much different than most traditional businesses. We just took all the positives of owning a traditional business and incorporated them into Empower Network, and left all the negatives out.

  • Insanely Low Start Up
  • No Overhead
  • No Employees
  • Incredibly Valuable Products
  • Profit potential in hours rather than years (traditional)
  • 70% commissions on product sales rather than fractions (traditional)

Here Is A Classic Video That Explains The Rich / Poor Mentality That Changed It All For Me:

Click the expand option (lower right) to watch full screen.

It’s pretty simple once you “get it”. The problem is – most people don’t apply themselves enough to actually get it… and that’s where we come in.

My Recommendation To You …

listen-to-successIf you want to fail, listen to those that are failing. Believe me, there’s no shortage of failures placing blame on others for their inability to produce results out there.

But if you want to succeed – listen to those that are succeeding.

It’s not LUCK, it’s a PROVEN plan.

The only question is, are you going to continue to make excuses for the failures in your life, or are you going to take action to create the results that you want in life?


To Your Limitless Potential,

Jon Mroz

Empower Network Jon Mroz Signature

PS… You know, I heard some very interesting quotes a couple years ago. And it was right then that I decided that I was going to start thinking and living like the wealthy… and I was going to start – immediately.

  • Wealthy people KNOW that beliefs materialize. Poor people always feel that they are missing out on something in life because they don’t BELIEVE.
  • Wealthy people admire other wealthy and successful people. Poor people resent the wealthy and successful.
  • Wealthy people believe: “I create my life.” Poor people believe: “Life happens to me.”
  • Wealthy people play the money game to WIN. Poor people play the money game not to lose.
  • Wealthy people think BIG. Poor people think small.
  • Wealthy people get paid by the results they create. Poor people choose to trade their TIME for money.
  • Wealthy people think: “Both”! Poor people think: “either/or”.
  • Wealthy people associate with positive, successful people. Poor people associate with the negative and unsuccessful.
  • Wealthy people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.
  • Wealthy people focus on opportunity. Poor people focus on obstacles.

How will YOU choose to live your life?


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  1. Marvin
    4 years ago

    Jon, as always you knocked it out of the park yet again=) I am absolutely elated with the value you bring to the community and have been for the last 4 years + Thanks bro you Rock….

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Thanks Marvin! I appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoy 🙂

  2. Biah Buchongo
    4 years ago

    Hi Jon, just poking around on your blog learning a few things. Great article on “Wealth People Are Not Lucky” Thx

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