Empower Network – Rich or Poor Mentality?

Empower Network Cash Flow Quadrant

Empower Network

Do you have a Rich or Poor Mentality?

Whether I am building a traditional business, or my Empower Network Business, I will continue to look back on this teaching as to how to operate a successful organization.

This important video changed my perspective in building businesses for life…

And it could be a changing point for you as well.

This is in total relation to how Network Marketing works as a whole and what Empower Network can do for you when you use it as a vehicle to help you reach your financial goals. Combine that with the training and knowledge you’ll gain from The Exclusive Empower Network Training and Resource Sites and you have a winner!

Empower Network – Which Side of the Quadrant Do You Fall on?

Click the expand option (lower right) to watch full screen.

How will you choose to live your life? On the left, or right side of the quadrant?


Yours in success,

Empower Network

PS … Are you ready to apply these teachings to start building your own business?


Iā€™d love to hear what you thought about this video and how it relates to you.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know which side of the quadrant you fall on.

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  1. Brian Neal
    5 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    I really enjoyed watching this video. Everything he said was true and insightful. Learned a lot from it and i’m ready to start making my freedom come true. I’m wanting my business to explode out of this world! Super excited for the day when i can stay home and be with my family every day for the rest of my life.

  2. Lorna Ambrose
    5 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    Very insightful video. I am in the process of making the shift from the left to the right side of the quadrant. It could be overwhelming sometimes but my goal keeps me moving even if it’s slowly. I truly want the freedom shared in the video. The freedom where I do not have to go to my JOB everyday but spend time with my family. Thanks for the video. It’s encouraging.

  3. JoAnn G. Bush
    5 years ago


  4. Derrick Lester
    4 years ago

    Hi Jon, Great video. Already following Robert and his advisors.Premium education info. In case your not aware of it, the video and audio don`t match. Still enjoyed tho. Thanks

  5. Adrianne
    4 years ago

    Like Robert said personally I rather be a member of a team they can count on me and I can count on them . Watching this video has made me realize that I was in the rich dad mindset most of my life. Finding the right team to work with was a little time consuming but well worth it. Thank you very much for sharing this video with me.

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Great to have you on board, Adrianne! Doesn’t this team rock?! Glad to be working with you šŸ™‚

  6. Darryl
    4 years ago

    Hey Jon, awesome selection on video. I read his book “Cash Flow Quadrant” 8 months ago. Seeing this video and just becoming part of the empower network as validated that I am finally on the right track. I am a lifer with this team of ours but I do feel like a fish out of water still. Could be the shifting of principles Robert mentioned in the video. Appreciate the support from you and the others in seeing my success become a reality.

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