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Prosperity Team Raises The Bar, Uniting 40+ Leaders

Since the Austin, TX event (hosted by Empower Network in January of 2013), we have seen a lot of leaders really stepping up their game. It’s now obvious that these events are just more than just “events”. They are literally life transformational experiences that build culture, community, relationships and even more impressive – they break you thru to the next level.

Over the past year, we worked hard to build an automated “team system” that literally takes you by the hand and walks you thru the process of getting your business into profit. All of my secrets, strategies and traffic generation techniques are discussed within, and you even get access to the same marketing funnels and promotional material that I have personally used to generate $500K (a half million dollars) in just over a year with Empower Network alone.

But something was still missing…

Wanting to really take our team and business to the next level, I reached out to all the leaders in Empower Network (many of which, whom already had systems of their own) in an effort to mastermind, share resources and provide more for those who were struggling.

Unfortunately, not everyone could come to an agreement as to how we could share systems.

But in the process … something MUCH bigger happened.

40 + of the top 100 leaders in the entire company (of over 100,000 members) decided to join forces.

We locked arms, unified, under one name, to build the largest army of success stories online.

This is not about us – it is about YOU.

We united, under one roof to provide you with millions of dollars worth of experience, hands on training, live daily webinars, step-by-step daily action assignments, conference calls, a private audio library, over-the-shoulder video training, marketing tools, done-for-you traffic co-ops, an enormous amount of support, and the opportunity to learn from dozens of multiple 6 figure earners… you are literally stealing our secrets.

We Announced The Merger Uniting Over 40 Leaders To Ensure You Get Everything You Could Ask For.


The Human Element

We have come to discover that as automated as systems are, there is a “human element” that seems to be missing.

When you unite dozens of leaders, all with the same goal, and when they all come from a place of truly wanting to help… something magical happens.

“It Wasn’t Until I Connected With The Right Group Of Leaders That I Started To Experience Results In Life”



  • Imagine using the exact same material that ALL the top income earners are using to produce in their business.
  • Imagine leveraging the efforts of the most sought after team in the company.

Imagine having all of this available to you, and at your disposal…


When you decide to take action today, you’ll gain access to my personal “Marketing Mastery Blueprint” Training site that seamlessly integrates with our “Prosperity” system.

Still have questions?

Get your questions answered on one of the many pages that you too, will be able to send to your prospects to help them get their questions answered. Oh, and did I mention that they are coded to you, so you get credit for the sale? : )

Click Here For The Prosperity Team “FAQ” Page


So let me ask you…

  • Are you tired of making excuses?
  • Are you tired of listening to the people who always think everything is “too good to be true”?
  • Are you tired of taking financial advice from people who are living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Are you tired of always looking for “the catch” while people who have no more skills than you and no more potential than you…. are raking in obscene amounts of money?

I am not exaggerating when I say that you literally have everything you need this very moment to make the income and live the life that you know your worth…

It all just starts with a decision:


…And as soon as you join, you’ll receive an email notification from me welcoming you to the team, granting you access to our team systems, support communities and daily live trainings.


To Your Limitless Potential!

Jon Mroz

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Leave your questions and comments below. What are your thoughts on the Prosperity Alliance?

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