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What Would You Invest To Change Your Life Forever?

I can remember getting started online… I had no clue where to turn, no guidance, no mentor, and no clue as to the steps I would need to take to achieve the results that I desired. I was laughed at, humiliated… and I almost quit several times.

But… now that I look back, it’s kind of refreshing to think …

When I had the choice to quit, I instead pushed through.
When I could have made excuses, I instead took action.
When I got it all wrong, I became a student and made the adjustments to course correct.

It was in these moments of decision that my destiny was shaped.

Along my journey to success, there have been ups and downs, victories and struggles…

Empower Network EducationBut without question, I attribute 100% of my successes to the guidance, mentorship and training I purchased, consumed and applied along the way.

It wasn’t until I became a student of the industry that I started to create the results that I desired and it wasn’t until I was able to provide value to others that I was able to exceed these results.

Let’s Take a Look at One Of My Most Profitable Ventures:

I am currently marketing Empower Network (obviously, and I truly believe EVERYONE needs Empower Network to fully understand the marketing process, and to truly better themselves as a human being). It has the tools, the marketing, and the mindset training to set anyone free that applies it. Personally, Empower Network has me earning anywhere from $35,000.00 to $60,000.00 monthly, and these numbers could have easily increased by the time you are reading this.

But, don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of my results below:


… and while you’re at it, take a listen to what others have to say about Empower Network’s products here and what our team has to say about it here.

But let me tell you … it wasn’t always like you see in the image above.

When I got my start, I purchased TENS of Thousands of dollars worth of training. I studied day and night trying to figure it all out (most of time, studying the wrong material)… but I finally cracked the code.

I literally went from $0 (ZERO) to Multiple 5 figures in a matter of months. And Then from Multiple 5 Figures to Multiple 6 Figures.

…But I still had a problem.

I soon came to the realization that the thousands of people I was enrolling into my business were facing the same struggles that I was when I got my start, and that they too were struggling, not able to duplicate the results that I was now achieving.


And to be blunt – that simply does not fly with me.

It was right then that I put my business on hold to create a training platform that literally gives away all of my marketing secrets. Everything that I paid TENS of thousands of dollars for, is now available to my team… for free.

You Can Get A Review Of This Training Platform Here

So, How Do You Become A Part Of The Team, You Ask? …

To gain access to my training platforms, along with our AMAZING support communities, step by step training videos, private facebook groups, daily team trainings, weekly webinars and more … well, it’s quite simple…

You Need To Join Empower Network:


You see, once I started to experience MASSIVE success online, I started to have to set some rules for people to gain access my time.

Here’s A Good Example:
tfs-logoRight now, I market a 100% free program called Total Funnel System. One of it’s goals is to FEED people into Empower Network while generating up-front cash to pay for my marketing expenses. The program is awesome… but the only way that I will work with someone who joins Total Funnel System is if they follow my rules and complete ALL of the steps… which includes joining Empower Network.

Why I Put Restrictions On Who Accesses My Time

I personally care A LOT about my teammates – so much so, that it started to jeopardize my own business.

You see… I used to wake up to 40 or 50 missed calls only to scurry and call everyone back. Everyone asked for 10 minutes of my time, and that they would be respectful not to go over… which led to 30 minutes and sure enough, 8 to 10 hours later I still hadn’t called everyone back. I’d then move on to check emails for another 4 hours and finally when I was burnt out for the day, I would try to get an hour of marketing in… only, I was so exhausted that the creative process wouldn’t flow. This is NOT what you call freedom. I felt as if I was selling the dream and living the nightmare. What kind of example would I be setting to my team if I continued to work this way? It was time for a change. ..

So, I Decided To Do Some Experimentation…

empower network frustrationThe first week I focused on making sure I got back to EVERYONE that called me and that I would truly give my time freely to everyone that requested it. As usual, I took hundreds of calls, answered thousands of emails and enrolled a few people here and there into my business while the larger portion of my team suffered from lack of mass support. You see, I started to notice a trend. I was spending my time working only with those that were NOT taking action and NOT producing. Most of them would ask a million questions only to never get started, and if they did get started, they would whine and complain about having to actually do some work… and many wouldn’t even take a step in their own business until I gave them the OK to do so. Ha! Then, towards the end of the week, I started to receive double, then triple the emails from teammates who hadn’t heard from me and needed support in our training … “something has to change”, I said.

The second week was TOTALLY different.

I decided that I would not call ANYONE back until they followed the simple process I outlined for them once they joined Empower Network. And instead, the time that I would usually spend on the phone was now being spent duplicating myself thru video and posting it to our team training site to help the MASSES rather than the needy few. Doing so decreased my phone calls and emails because instead of a couple needy people who couldn’t follow instructions getting their questions answered… now thousands of “action takers” were watching the videos, applying them, and making sales. We finally learned to put down the phone and pick up the pay check! Now, that’s an example worth setting.

You see, I am not here to run YOUR business, I am here to give you ideas and show you how I have created success. It is up to YOU to apply it to create success for yourself. Quite a concept, right!

And because I had more time on my hands, everyone that was interested in joining me in my program was also able to get their questions answered by simply reviewing the information below.

What Our Empower Network Team Brings To The Table

You see, It’s sort of a qualification process. People who show me that they are serious will do their research. If they need to speak with me before getting started, I now know that they are serious because 99.9% of all their questions are answered above, and most of the time, they just want to call me to make sure I am a real person. Which by the way – you are more than welcome to call me when you are ready to join as well (904.707.0474) … but ONLY when you are ready to take action.

When you start to put restrictions on who has access to your time, people will respect it more, and you will grow a business working with the people that YOU want to work with. But more importantly, your time can be spent helping the masses. And when you have an incredibly successful team like ours with more people on the leader boards than any other – well, the proof is in the pudding. Now, I focus on reaching out to those that are Taking Action, and PRODUCING in their business rather than demanding my time because to be blunt – most of these people will quit on themselves when you’re not there to run THEIR business anyway.

And for those that are ready to get started…

You Literally Couldn’t Ask For Anything More..


  • Add to that … Step by step training videos that I personally created, outlining EXACTLY how I went from ZERO to over $500,000.00 a year with Empower Network, becoming a top 3 producer in the company.
  • The most amazing support group in Empower Network, enabling you to get your questions answered by 5 and 6 figure earners 24/7.
  • Daily LIVE training calls
  • Weekly LIVE hangouts with over 40 of Empower Network’s top earners, exclusive to our team.


And when you show me that you are serious by going “all in”, you get personal one-on-one coaching from myself, literally valued at over $10,000.00. Or, you can simply start generating sales by following my training, and I will be in touch with you to work on a much closer level.

So, Let Me Ask You…

Are you one to take action, rather than make excuses?
Are you one to get plugged in to a top producer, and follow his example to become one of the leaders you know that you are?

Are You Ready To Make a Decision That Has The Potential To Shape Your Destiny?


Once you join, you’ll immediately receive an email from me welcoming you to the team. You’ll instantly gain access to my exclusive training platform along with access to our prosperity team, responsible for creating more leaders than any other team in the entire program.

It all Starts Today:



To More Freedom,
Jon Mroz

Empower Network Jon Mroz Signature

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below in regards to having a more fulfilling career while at the same time, having more time freedom.


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