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Empower Network Inner Circle

The Importance Of Daily Audio

I can remember getting started in this industry with no clue as to what I should be doing, which direction to turn, and / or how to start taking the appropriate action steps that I needed to take to get moving in the right direction.

Looking back, I can attribute 100% of my success to the education that I purchased, consumed and applied along the way. And even till this day, I STILL listen to DAILY audio’s to keep the edge. Hearing from other successful people, getting to know their stories and how THEY were able to create massive success has literally reprogrammed ME to do the same.

Below, you’ll gain access to my personal “Empower Network Inner Circle Audio”, usually only available to those who purchase Empower Network’s Inner Circle level… Yours FREE – My Gift To You, because I know that listening to audios much like this one here is what reprogrammed my life for success.


Empower Network Inner Circle Audio Download With Jon Mroz   DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO TO YOUR PC HERE

Listen in as Biah Reviews Jon Mroz’s Inner Circle Audio and Hear What She Picked Up From The Lesson:

In The Audio Above You’ll Learn:

  • How I went from a job that was leading me nowhere, to now living a life that I design, enabling me to earn what I am worth, rather than what someone decides I should get paid.
  • How I went from struggling, making $0 my first months online, to earning 5 figures my 7th month and beyond… and how I did this without EVER having to bug friends or family.
  • How to become of more value to others, attracting like-minded success orientated people into your business.
  • How to drive massive traffic to a “targeted” group of people that are interested in what YOU have to offer, rather than you having to explain it to them.
  • Why most people will continue to struggle in our industry, and how you can immediately break out of this pattern ensuring your success.
  • And MANY of my other “closely guarded marketing secrets” ☺

Listening to motivational / success driven audios has become a part of my daily routine. As stated above, I can literally attribute 100% of my success to the education that I have purchased, consumed and applied. It is for this reason (along with many more) that I personally love Empower Network’s Products, along with what we have in place for our teammates, of course. ☺

You learn from the world’s TOP income producers, TOP marketers and TOP Producers… and when you decide to APPLY what is taught within these trainings, there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish.


For complete details on our income disclosure statement click here.

Download the audio above and enjoy, and when you decide that it is your time to start making the change that you desire, we’ll be right here.


To Your Limitless Potential,

Jon Mroz

Empower Network Jon Mroz Signature

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  1. Kevin Mahoney
    4 years ago

    Jon Mroz is truly a genius and is a master at teaching how to set up your business. Honestly it doesn’t matter what industry your business is in or if you simply wish to have your own business at some point of your life, I highly recommend at least getting on Jon’s email list. His leadership and training’s helped me get so much more clear and organized. I typically am not the most organized person so this was big for me. Sometimes you know you have lots to do and almost go into shock because you don’t know what the next step should be. When this happens at least for me I found myself doing more busy work then actual productive income producing work. I randomly joined Jon’s email list because I heard his name because he was producing amazing results, I like to get on as many successful entrepreneur’s email lists possible. Literally within the first day of joining his list the FREE value I received from Jon was insane. I could not WAIT for the next daily email in his video series. I never had this happen before. Since most importantly I have been implementing Jon’s training’s daily and now am full time building my own business and was able to leave my job. To put things in perspective I found Jon’s training’s approx 45 days ago.

    To make things perfectly clear my results or more importantly Jon’s results are definitely not average. It took lots of work and still continue daily work from me and seeing everything Jon has made for his team he for sure has worked extremely hard. So nothing is guaranteed, my purpose of this is to say his training is absolutely amazing and if you listen to him and do what he says you have good chances of having great results like I did. Its a new world and people do not need to rely on employers, they certainly will turn on you the day things go bad. Embrace this change, it is awesome for us. 🙂

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words Kevin. It is great working with you and I know you are going to do amazing in this industry. Keep rockin’ it!

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