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100% (percent) commissions - really?

Empower Network Income Disclosure

The Empower Network Earnings / Income Disclosure

Some will look at an opportunity, such as a small business start-up, or a franchise, and ask the question as to what the success rate in the business is, when in fact, they should be asking themselves what they can do to succeed with the opportunity at hand, or if it is a worth-while venture.

empower-network-success-failureAs you know, there is a pretty significant failure rate with small business start ups and franchises. You should also take into consideration that most people who succeed at starting up their own business, went to school for this paying for an education usually within the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let’s not forget the cost of opening their first business – go ahead and tack on another few hundred thousand dollars.

Here’s the facts – It is 100% proven that many people (including myself) have succeeded tremendously with Empower Network – In fact, so many have succeeded, that it is attracting more people than any other opportunity online right now.

The Difference – There Is Virtually ZERO Risk In Comparison.

Empower NetworkGetting your first traditional business off the ground will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and start up costs, only to earn you an estimated $50K to $80K yearly and put you in debt for around a decade.

With Empower Network… it really comes down to 1 thing – we have an incredibly valuable Viral Authority Blogging Platform for sale, and incredibly valuable training products for sale (which by the way are priced at 1/10th their value). So, much like any other business, we have products for sale.

However, you can get started with Empower Network for under $50, learn what it takes to succeed in this industry by educating yourself with my exclusive team bonuses, training and resources valued at nearly $20K (yours free as a member of the team), and have the potential to earn an unlimited income without all the risks.

To be quite honest, I get a little sickened by the fact that others can look at an income disclosure statement and get upset by the fact that some will not earn as much as others. It truly comes down to your own effort and how YOU apply yourself.

In Fact…

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Another Question Often Asked About The Income Disclosure Is…

Are You REALLY Getting 70% Commissions?

Recently, I’ve heard from a few people concerned with the statements Empower Network makes in regards to their affiliates receiving 70% commissions. The ones concerned have claimed the following:

“Empower Network REALLY doesn’t pay out 70% commissions because you have to pass some of those commissions up to your sponsor!”

So, let’s take a look at whether or not this claim holds up and figure out if Empower Network REALLY pays out 70% commissions.

If you were to take a closer look at the statement made by those claiming that Empower Network does NOT pay out 70% commissions because of the 2 lost commissions passed up out of ever 10 sales made, then we could say that you are really only receiving 80% commissions… correct?

empower network - income disclosure earningsAs shown on the Empower Network Compensation Plan page – for every 10 sales that you personally make, 2 are passed up line = 80% commissions

Now, to be fair, let’s look at the first 10 sales made. If we do this, you actually have to pass up 3 sales. So, that’s 70% commissions ONLY for your first 10 as seen below.

#’s 2, 4, and 6 are passed up and #’s 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 stay with you for life.

This is where everyone gets confused. They feel that they are losing 3 of their first 10 sales made, when in reality, they are gaining 18 sales.

WHAT?! YES – You gain 18 sales.

You see, you made 10 sales, 3 of them were passed to your upline. However, out of the 7 sales that stay with you for life, all 7 of those people owe you 3 sales – just as you owed yours to your upline.

So, if you multiply 7 x 3 = 21 and then add your original 7 = 28 sales rather than simply making 10 and keeping them all to yourself. This is where the true power of the Empower Network compensation plan reveals itself.

So, Does Empower Network REALLY Pay 70% Commissions?

So I have to ask you again – Does Empower Network pay out 70% commissions – NO – they pay out 280% commissions on your first 10. And for every other 10 sales (after your first 10), you only pass up 2 sales – each 5th. For example – #11, and #16. You keep 8 sales, pass up 2 and those downline members all owe you 2 each as well.

8 x 2 = 16 passed up to you , and then add your original 8 = 24. Which comes out to 240% commissions.

Now, obviously this is perfect world scenario. Not everyone on your team will produce the way you would want them to, which leads to another topic of concern.

So why do some fail while others succeed with Empower Network?

There are many answers to the question above. With such little risk, many people unfortunately do not take this business as seriously as they should. Others are just lazy. Some are always looking for shortcuts when they should be educating themselves, and some just choose to place blame on others for their lack of ability to take action and produce their own results.

The Empower Network TEAM Difference

Empower Network TeamAnd that’s where our team takes a stand. We do things differently here. We won’t settle for less. We stop at nothing to abolish any obstacle that may arise. We take this business seriously and take action on a daily basis. We are always educating ourselves with the newest, most cutting edge marketing tactics, and we always stand proud behind our accomplishments (as we should). We are a global team of leaders that have training, resources, educational materials, and support systems like you’ve never seen before. We are the top 1% for a reason.

The question is, where will you fall in the income stats?

To get plugged into proven training and learn what our Empower Network Team brings to the table in regards to extreme training, systems, team capture pages, bonuses, and support, be sure to visit the Empower Network Bonus Page.

Yours In Mastery,

Empower Network

Jon Mroz


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