A Message From Empower Network CEO: How To Unlock The Magic Within

Empower Network Magic

Empower Network: How To Unlock The Magic In Your Life May Be Simpler Then You Ever Imagined…

Have you ever wondered how some seem to have all the luck?

Have you ever wondered how some seem to never get a break?

This video, from Empower Network CEO really struck a chord with me. I started to embrace this way of thinking back in 2010. Literally, this is when everything changed.

Remembering back, and thinking of a time in the past – in one moment, everything shifted for me.  Today, David Wood is going to show you how you can create magic, become powerful, and live an enchanted life… all your life, whenever you want – maybe you can even do that now:

“The Art Of Creating Magic, And Living An Enchanted Life”

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In the video above, David talks about focus, and refers to this post here (opens in a new window).  When it’s time, you can follow the assignment, and see if you notice what he says.


It’s important to complete the assignment in the video, that you hear the exclusive, members only audio in the back office.  You have to get in to hear it, the audio covers the rest of the 5 steps – the 5 steps to creating magic, that he talks about in the video.

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Enjoy the video :-D

Jon Mroz
“Lucky, on purpose!

Empower Network Jon Mroz Signature


P.S.  We are proud to have this level of leadership within Empower Network. Having these type of lessons available to everyone in the company truly is creating a movement. It is truly “empowering”

When you’re done watching the entire video, and followed the assignment, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  I’m interested to hear about the breakthrough, that you’re about to have now.  It may have already started.



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  1. michelle campbell
    5 years ago

    Oh WOW! Yes forward to the feeling of THIS IS IT !! . I Did It, And to know that I I feel what is to come, I’m so much looking forward to helping Many others Feel that I can do it. And not hold there breathe every night in panic from trying so hard, or not being able to make ends meet. Great video

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Awesome Michelle! It’s an incredible feeling isn’t it? 🙂

  2. That’s really refreshing and enlightening.
    This man gives us reason to be fired up.
    He is for real. Thanks for the presentation Jon.

    3 years ago

    every time i try t create my account with empower network . it always rejecting .. can you in any way assist me ?

    • Jon Mroz
      3 years ago

      Hey Richard, I just sent you an email with a link. Hopefully that solves the issue. Let me know 🙂

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