Empower Network: How To Overcome Skepticism For a Brighter Future…

Skepticism - Question Everything

Empower Network can be an incredibly lucrative program, IF you don’t allow your skepticism to paralyze you.

As with ANY worthwhile venture (traditional, non-traditional, online, or off), there are risks. Many will succeed…many will fail. There will be those who take responsibility for their future and in return make a profit (and possibly even earn hundreds of thousands of dollars);  and then there will always be those that place blame on a company, or others for their inability to do  the same, and therefore will fail to see a profit.

Now, don’t get me wrong… when I first started marketing online, I too was skeptical – not of a particular business , but as to whether or not I would be able to generate an income online.
To put it simply – I didn’t have the “belief” yet. Having belief that “you can do it” or “it is possible” in ANY entrepreneurial venture is vital to your success. Without belief in yourself, belief in the company, and belief in the product, you WILL fail. Your first step is to overcome this challenge.

Making money with empower networkYou see, I knew that others were making money on the Internet – that goes without question.

I knew that others were making money in just about every program that I came across – that also went without question.

And after doing my research, I found that there will always be those that call just about anything involving money online a scam. Haha – not to say that there aren’t scams online, but I did find it hilarious to hear the ignorance in some of these crazy stories. The way I see it – If there is a legitimate product that provides value to the customer, and others make a profit selling it – it’s not a scam.

When someone tells me they are skeptical, what they are really telling me is 1 of 2 things:
  • That they haven’t done their research and therefore don’t completely understand the product, or program. If they had done their research, they would know that Empower Network is without a doubt a 100% completely legitimate business with tens of thousands of affiliates who sell a product valued at 1/100th the cost that it sells for, and that many, including myself are earning more than a full time income with it.
  • I have failed as a marketer. If someone has done their research by going thru my site, and they have viewed the product and they understand the comp plan and see that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being generated in 70% commissions, they have seen the hundreds of hours that I spent on creating additional training, resources, bonuses, and systems for my team, and they have seen what my team has to say about what we are doing together and heard their testimonials. If they have gone thru all of this and still they are skeptical – then I have failed as a marketer. 😉
Luckily there is a simple and easy cure for skepticism – Education.

Being skeptical is healthy when you don’t allow it to paralyze you.

Everyone should be skeptical when trying something new or purchasing something that  you are unfamiliar with. But rather than letting this skepticism paralyze you, use it to educate you.

Wouldn’t it just be a shame if you allowed your skepticism to prevent you from:

  • …living the life you have always dreamed of?
  • …finally being financially free?
  • …finally having the time freedom to travel the world and be with family and friends?
  • …buying that new car or house?

Once you have educated yourself on Empower Network and your skepticism has finally been relieved because all of your questions concerning the program have been answered, it really just comes down to a few additional questions to get moving.

  • Can  you afford to do it? When asking myself this question in the beginning, it was more like – “Can I afford NOT to do it”? With only a $25 start up investment and 100% returns, I literally couldn’t think of any other opportunity on the planet with a better ROI. Let’s just say this – If  you don’t have $25 to start your own business – you probably shouldn’t be looking to go into business for yourself anyway. : )
  • Is this something that you want to invest your time into?  This is a GREAT question… one that I always ask myself when getting started in Anything. My time is my most valuable asset. It is 1 thing that I will NEVER get back and believe me… I cherish it. For a program to be worthwhile for me to invest my time into, it better have HUGE returns. And obviously, I can say without a doubt, that Empower Network has been well worth the time that I have invested.
  • Do you feel that by marketing this product / program you will be providing value to others? Another great question. I have been online for some time now. I know that without a doubt, Empower Network’s products and training coupled with what I have in place for my team is literally valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. You see, it wasn’t until I got my first blog online that I generated my first sale, that led to my first 5 figure months, that lead to my first multiple 6 figure years. So, having a blog online is literally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Empower Network enables you to skip past the technical hurdles most face when getting your first blog online, giving you a viral AUTHORITY blogging platform for less than the cost of hosting and a domain, then they (we) train you in how to properly market it to earn a limitless income – priceless. It’s an education anyone could truly see incredible value in.
Taking Action

In the end, If I allowed my skepticism to paralyze me from taking action, I wouldn’t have earned over $324,000 my FIRST year with Empower Network. I wouldn’t have just purchased a brand new home a mile from the ocean, and I wouldn’t have just returned from the European vacation of my dreams.


Empower Network Commissions Jon Mroz

What will your skepticism do for you? Prevent you from your future, or Propel you into it?

Get Started Here


To Your Limitless Potential,
Jon Mroz


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PS – Leave your comments below and let us know – Did this article help you get over your Empower Network skepticism?

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  1. Bonnie
    5 years ago

    I’m sold jon there’s a lot of reading and Information to keep in mind I never want to see myself getting lost in the challege to be successful yes I’m a newbie so you know my process getting through this but when you made it seem so simple that was motivation enough and I thank you for your time and effort that you spent to help someone like me “newbie” to get started. For me keep it simple and I will get it.

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Great to hear Bonnie. We are all newbies at one point or another. When it comes to challenges – We (I) have been thru them. That’s why partnering up with a team who has experience is important. 1.) So you have a proven path to follow. 2.) To get your new teammates plugged in to follow that same path. Looking forward to working with you and seeing your results. Talk soon 🙂

  2. Waylon
    4 years ago

    Jon if you can gurantee that i can make money then im all in. Can you work with me and teach me your secrets.

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Waylon, I can guarantee that Empower Network has the potential to make ANYONE money. The question is… Will YOU do what it takes to make money? Think of it this way… if you were to open a traditional business … let’s say a restaurant (for example), would I be able to guarantee that you would make money in that too? Absolutely not – but I can guarantee you have MORE potential with Empower Network with WAAAAAAAAAAAAY Less investment and WAAAAAAAAAAAY less risk. Make sense?

      And yes, we have everything you will ever need when it comes to training and support. See what my team has to say: http://empowernetwork-reviewed.com/testimonials/

      I look forward to seeing you taking some action 🙂

  3. Brian P. Durkee
    4 years ago

    Your the answer to a real Prayer! I’m a little older and a little slower but I want all IN

  4. Edna
    4 years ago

    Yes, this article helped me get over my skepticism. Thank You

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Well, I am very glad to hear that Edna 🙂

  5. Joel
    4 years ago

    Hey Jon,

    I want to join your team and I really want to be able to provide for my family in the future. Would you be able to provide me with guidance if ever I get lost or have questions? I just don’t want to get my self into something with no assistance whatsoever like I did in the past. Email me some info.


    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Hey Joel, great to hear from you.

      I can easily say without question that I believe we (our team ) has the best support system available to anyone in the company. I am always available to my team but if for any reason you need your question answered instantly, we have private communities (exclusive to our team) that allow you to post your questions and they are usually answered within minutes. You can also team up with other teammates to hold yourself accountable for YOUR business within these communities (exclusive to our team).

      On top of all this, you gain full access to my personal membership site showing you what I have done to personally generate over $610K my first year with Empower Network seen here:


      And to add to that, you are also plugged into one of our 6 figure earners for DAILY LIVE webinars that show you exactly what you need to be doing to market your business.

      You REALLY couldn’t ask for more.

      I hope that answers all your questions 🙂

  6. Dear Jon:

    Thanks for the motivation and inspiration this article brings. One of the reason that I join your team was because of the bonuses that you give to inspire others to become a part of Empower Network. What really reeled me in was “Think and Grow Rich…” I had read that book in its entirety, and I immediately signed on, after you made me that free bonus offer. But since signing up, I got distracted by all kinds of other offers. Anyway, thanks again for bringing me back around. This was a very good article.

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it William! I love that book and it was also one of the very first books I read when I first joined this industry. Great to have you on board, and looking forward to seeing your results!

  7. Michael
    3 years ago

    Excellent newsletter Jon. If we all sent solo ads like this there would be no one not making money. Kudos!

  8. lionel
    3 years ago

    I believe I can make a success.people tells me how can you make money.If yoU don’t invest money or put in a certain amount of money in a business.How can you expect any return.

  9. Shauntay
    3 years ago

    Yes, Jon this definitely helped me to overcome my skepticism. Not everyone could say they tried and was successful. But after reading through your articles as well as success stories. This really made me think, “Why not me”? I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to respond to my email and motivate to really make a huge difference in my life. Right now, I have a home base and look forward to your techniques to help me explode and expand in my business also. Thanks again! 🙂

    • Jon Mroz
      3 years ago

      Great to h ear Shauntay. Glad you were able to get past your skepticism and hope you can use it to move forward. Looking forward to seeing your results 🙂

  10. johnevanns
    3 years ago

    how will empower network pay me.???
    I have nothing to market. please let me know..

    • Jon Mroz
      3 years ago

      Hey Johnevanns… You are paid from an ewallet in your EN back office. If you don’t have anything to promote, then you promote EN… just like I am doing on this blog, where you posted this comment. EN has oms eof the most valuable training products, and courses in the market.

      Hope that helps

  11. don mcdermott
    3 years ago

    Hey Jon…is there a way to contact you via email or Facebook?

    I appreciate your work and your ‘energy’.


  12. ari
    3 years ago

    Empower is legit I,ve done research on them

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