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Empower Network – How Does A 14 Year Old KID “Get it” When Many Times, Adults Don’t?

Funny Story …

My Buddy Joel (who is a top earner in our industry, creating one of the most well known tool suites that we use to run our business) shot this message over yesterday, and I thought it was so funny, yet inspirational… I just had to pass it along.

This is a true story – I couldn’t believe Joel’s 14 year Daughter said this, and at such a young age.

“Dad” she said, “I hate school, and I am NEVER getting a job!”

KID understands Empower Network

Wow.. not something that any father enjoys hearing, but I must admit I was not surprised either…

So Joel said in a sarcastic way, with a snicker on his face… “So Liv, tell me exactly why you HATE school?”

What she said next totally threw him off his feet…

“Dad.. today was the last day of school and one of my teachers approached me and said that school was so very important because it was the stepping stone to prepare me to have a great job in the workforce!”

So Joel said to his daughter – “Yes she is right, it is important.”

But what she said next was extremely shocking and profound!

“If school is preparing me for a job, then I hate school Dad, I don’t want a job!

I want to be EXACTLY like you and mom!

Every time I ask my friends to do something, they can’t because their mom or dad are busy at work.”

She went on to say…busy parents

” I love the freedom you and mom have, I love all the things you do for me, you are at my track meets, you drop me off at school, you pick me up, you and mom are ALWAYS there for me!”

Joel’s jaw dropped and he thought to himself…


He had no clue that his daughter recognized all this. In fact, he thought she took it all for granted (like most teenagers do).

Finally… she said …

“Dad, I Don’t Want A J.O.B… I Want A Business!”

“Just like you and mom, I want to have the freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it”

Can you imagine… a 14 year old seeing the vision of freedom?

Maybe it’s because she hasn’t yet been conditioned to think the way that most Americans do… to become slaves to the corporate rat race.

It’s a simple concept once you really think about it.

In fact, here’s another great example of a 12 year old kid who just “Gets It”.

He works with his father in Empower Network part time, while going to school, and is just flat out making things happen…

12 Year Old Kid Makes $12K in 4 Months

So, I have to ask you… If these kids “Get It”…

What is it that is keeping YOU from “Getting it”?

Isn’t it time you do what you want to do … when you want to do it?

It’s these same principles that have enabled me to travel the world, live the way that I want to live, and pick up checks like the one you see below for 90’s days of automated efforts


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To Your Limitless Potential,

Jon Mroz

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