Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENV2) | An Exclusive Insider Look

Empower Network Version 2 (ENV2)

So what is Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENV2)?

Is it just another marketing ploy designed to take advantage of the buzz and hype that comes along with a “Pre-launch”?

Or is this product actually something of value that will “change the way marketing is done onine” as co-founders Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe would say.

ENV2 – A Revolution Begins

Let’s get an insider sneak peak at Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENV2) and see what all the buzz is about.

Empower Network – Version 1, was released with the intention of totally eliminating the technical side of marketing online (as seen in my Empower Network Presentation here).

And as a member of the system since November of 2011, I can easily say that Empower Network reached it’s goal with the first version of its basic product.

Heck, getting my start online was quite the escapade as you’ll learn in my full story here. Before Empower Network I had to learn everything there was to know about hosting, domains, cpanels, nameservers, plugins, SEO, HTML, CSS, and a bunch of other techno-babble … and that was just to get my site online!

Empower Network enabled the newbie to get started, instantly removing all of the tech challenges so they could get right into the marketing process… and THAT is where your focus SHOULD be when working towards making an income online for your first time.

And with over 70 million dollars in commissions paid out to their members in their first year, and over 160,000 customers … I think we call call Empower Network Version 1 quite the success.

See our income disclosure statement here.

Heck, I was able to earn over $795,000.00, personally enrolling over 1,544 customers / teammates in just my first 18 months.



As pioneers in the Internet Marketing arena, Empower Network continues to raise the bar. Not only does Empower Network offer some of the most valuable training and support with a community that will remain unmatched, but their products continue to set new standards, giving people who have always struggled to earn their first dollar online, the ability to now do so with ease.

Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENV2)

With the release of Empower Network Version 2, not only have all the technical challenges been removed, but now it’s even easier than ever to communicate on a mass scale, virally, and with complete automation.

To sum it all up in a phrase…empower-network-grandma-proof

“Grandma Proof”

Literally, within 2 clicks you can have your content online and viewable to the world, coded to your affiliate links enabling you to earn those sexy 70% commissions that Empower Network is so famous for.

See the Empower Network Comp Plan Here

  • Upload audio, video, or anything that you desire to get your message across on a mass scale.
  • Completely control your web sites from your mobile phone, iPad or mobile device.
  • Map numerous domains to numerous niche blogs
  • Let ENV2 help track your stats and progress with its new Sales Conversion Engine. Focus on marketing… not tracking. ENV2 tracks everything and converts your leads into sales while you focus on having a life.

It doesn’t get any easier than this… but don’t hold me to it because knowing Empower Network… well, they’ll find a way.

The Empower Network Version 2 (ENV2) Launch Process

You know – there’s one statement that I hear more than just about any other.

You guessed it – “I wish I got in at the beginning”.

empower-network-ride-the-waveYou see, in Empower Network’s first 18 months, I earned right at around $800,000.00… and although “getting in at the beginning” really doesn’t have a lot to do with it, I will say that riding that initial launch process ‘wave’ does have it’s benefits.

You see, when an incredibly valuable new product is released to the market place, there is a TON of hype and buzz.

Every year, you see it happen when the new iPhone comes out, when a blockbuster movie is released, or when apple launches a new product like the iPad mini.

The same thing happened when Empower Network launched in the beginning…

What’s sad is that even to this day, I have people email and call me every week (without fail) saying that they watched Empower Network’s launch, regretfully never pulling the trigger.

They saw the value in it, but they wanted to see how everything turned out.

empower network missed the boatAnd after all was said and done…

  • Millions of dollars in commissions paid to EN’s affiliates…
  • Over 160,000 members later…
  • And proof beyond any reasonable doubt…
… sadly … they felt that they missed the boat.

And although I feel that Empower Network is JUST NOW getting its start, and is JUST NOW hitting momentum…

In true EN fashion… we’ve taken it up a notch with ENV2 (Empower Network Version 2).

What is about to hit the market will be like nothing our industry has ever seen.

There is a pre-launch wave taking form RIGHT NOW.

And as you know – the last time this happened it resulted in over 60 million dollars in commissions paid out to affiliates just like you, and me personally earning over $800,000.00

The only question is…

Will you decide to ride this one out and take advantage of the massive buzz?

Or will you call me a year from now (like so many do) only to tell me…

“I wish I got in at the beginning”?

empower-network-join-nowWith the release of ENV2 combined with all of my personal step by step training, showing you EXACTLY what I have done to generate over $800,000.00 in commissions, enrolling over 1,544 people my first 18 months… there’s literally nothing more you could ask for.

It’s all at your fingertips and it all starts with a decision…


To Your Limitless Potential,
Jon Mroz

Empower Network Jon Mroz Signature

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  1. Angie Tonini-Rogers
    4 years ago

    Awesome post Mr. Jon! Thanks for always providing such great value to all of us! You are so good to your team! So blessed to be a part of it!

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Thanks Angie!

      Great to be working with you. We are just getting started with a TON in the works 🙂 Looking forward to a great future with ya!

  2. Gina Laing
    4 years ago

    Jon; you are an amazing communicator!
    gia777gia = Gina Laing

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Thanks Gina! You are an asset to the team 🙂 Great to be working with you.

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