Is Empower Network a Scam?

Empower Network Scam

Is Empower Network a Scam?

That seams to be the question plaguing  the Internet when it comes to The Empower Network.

To be honest, It is still somewhat amazing to me that people this day and age would call an Internet Marketing opportunity a scam. Sure, there are still some scams out there but you have to look at a few things before coming to that conclusion.

Before deciding if Empower Network (or any opportunity) is a scam, ask yourself…

  • Is There a Product?
  • Is There Real Value Being Provided In Exchange For Money?
  • Are Other Representatives In The Company Seeing Results and Creating An Income For Themselves?

If you can honestly answer these 3 questions with a ‘Yes’, more than likely, you are not going to be scammed.

Empower Network ScamIf you’ve researched Empower Network by going thru my Empower Network Review, You would have learned that Empower Network was officially launched on October 31st, 2011 by good friend, and Internet marketing legend David Wood along with his partner David Sharpe. David had a vision, and that was to totally eliminate all the technical aspects of marketing your business online, while enabling those who choose to work with his program, that ability to earn 70% commissions.

And That is What Some Would Call Empower Network A Scam

You see, people can’t seam to sink their heads around the 70% commissions. I mean, what’s in it for the owners of the company… right?

Well, the David’s (David Wood and David Sharpe) get more exposure, which in turn will lead to more traffic and more sales for their business for the long-term. David Wood is a well known Internet marketing trainer. He will continue to create products and when he does, he wants more people to know about them. In essence, we, the representatives for Empower Network are building the David’s list of proven buyers. In exchange, they pay us 70% commissions. Sounds like a pretty fair deal to me.

empower-network-scam-trafficAdd to that, the David’s also work their own Empower Network businesses. Literally – the playing field has been leveled. They work Empower Network the same way you and I do, and it gives them the potential to earn 70% commissions as well.

Another plus to owning an online based business is that the operational fees are minimal. Sure, there’s a few expenses that the David’s will incur such as hosting fees, support staff etc, but the profits far outweigh the expenses. In other words, the company is not at risk of going under.

So, let’s make a decision as to whether or not Empower Network is a scam or not:

Let’s ask ourselves – Does Empower Network have a product? Put simply – YES. It has many. To start, they have a complete blogging system, an inner circle membership, an advanced training webinar series titled “The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive”, and a 6 part webinar series from the Industries top producers (including myself) called the $15K / Month Formula. For more information on this you can simply visit the Empower Network Product Page. This is some of the most valuable training I have ever seen sold for such a low price… literally valued at over $5,000.00. So, there is absolutely value, along with a revolutionary product being exchanged for money.

Are others producing an income with the opportunity?

Lets Take A Closer Look At Why I Feel That Empower Network Is Not A Scam

My Personal Results:

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It is a great thing to be skeptical in today’s market place. You can guarantee that I was too when I started my search for a legitimate business opportunity. Just don’t let your skepticism paralyze you.  Fully investigate this site and get an understanding of how everything works.

When you are serious, and ready, give me a call.

Now that we have that out of the way, Take a closer look at the Empower Network Blogging System and Marketing Platform coupled with the revolutionary compensation plan and  business opportunity by going through my Empower Network Site

After you have gone thru the site, be sure to write down any additional questions you may have and get back with me by giving me a call or sending me an e-mail. I’m always around to help. I look forward to hearing from you …

Yours in success,

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  1. Isarick Brown
    5 years ago

    Shalom…I was reviewing your webb and was wondering about, Where is your home state or country that u work out of, Other words, where will our money that we send be going too? Please Email me soon and Thank for your time the offer sounds great i am trying more to work on my own, if u know what i mean tired of the rat race, feel ma? Hit my email and Thanks again for looking out!!! Shalom!!!

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Hey Isarick, I am located in Jacksonville, Florida. However, our merchant processor is in London. So, when you make a purchase the funds go to London and then into our merchant account then to our bank. It would work the same for you when people join you. Is this what you are asking?

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