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Empower Network Review | A Complete Review Featuring Bonuses + ...Empower Network

Empower Network Review

Empower Network Review

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  1. sam
    5 years ago

    hello sir,
    i am very much eager to join empower network but there was a problem in billing
    i tried to get the basic membership first when i go to the billing submitting the genuine details of my card number and my name address it shows a message ” transaction has been declined”
    why this message is coming ,
    i have the perfect balance to pay.
    my credit card number, my address details everything is right and genuine.
    i’am very much frustrated and tensed .i contacted the bank and asked they said all my details are right.
    what should i do now …solve this problem
    awaiting for a early response
    thanks in advance

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Hey Sam, good to hear from you. I have had several people join without issue since you posted this (1 person just about 5 minutes ago as I write this). It is possible that your bank may be holding the transaction if you don’t make a lot of online purchases. Be sure to tell your bank to allow the transaction to go thru. Also, feel free to call me at anytime. I can do a screenshare with you and help you if need be. Everything seems to be working perfectly on our end, let’s figure out what may be going wrong on the other end.

      Will be great to work with you.

      Talk soon 🙂

  2. David White
    5 years ago

    Hi Jon
    Just read thru your site Awesome review just a acouple of things. I have
    never done anything like this before so I might need some help will that be ok.Also I live in Australia and do Flyin Flyout work have a young Family and would like to do this as a full time job once I get things going I have done Plug in Profite site by Stone Evans and that done nothing for me.To get to the point can you teach me and is this real and can you make money of this as I would start from the $25 Blogging system first.

  3. Don Warford
    5 years ago

    Hi Jon,
    Hey man, I really like all the things you have proposed in the preceding article. Honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine where I will find my first sign-up. I certainly have friends and family, however, they seem to have little to no interest in hearing anything about internet income opportunities. Most are quite savvy when it comes to the internet, doing well “without extra income”, etc.

    Explain how I can get started without the help of any of these nay sayers…PLEASE.
    Thanks Jon,

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Hey Don, watch this video where David Wood pulls me on stage at an Empower Network event:

      … He asks me if I EVER tell ANY of my friends or family what I do… my answer … NEVER! With what I have in place for my team, you never need to bug friends and family and become a part of the NFL Club (No Friends Left).

      You simply market to people who are INTERESTED in what you have to offer rather than those who don’t understand it (Friends and Family). Make sense?

      I show you HOW to do this in my training…

      REALLY GO THRU the following page:


      It answers all of your questions.

      Looking forward to your reply. 🙂

  4. Paul
    5 years ago

    Jon, this is really cool blog you have. I am trying to format mine to be cool like this but its not happening. Any tips would be worth its weight in gold. i would like to subscribe to your blog updates thanks.

  5. Kenneth Greene
    4 years ago

    Great review! Im also a member of Empower and I love that you can be yourself and still create a lifestyle that defines Freedom. Coaching new members how to navigate through it all is very fulfilling and Im thankful to have a team that gave me enough knowledge to pass down to my team! Thanks again for the review.

  6. Munish Chopra
    4 years ago

    Thanks Friend…

    Excellent and very genuine review.

    I am really impressed from EN.


  7. Tushar Biswas
    4 years ago

    From where 100% commission will come?

  8. Marc D Dagbovi
    4 years ago

    Hi Jon

    This post is really awesome. In fact, it wasn’t this way when I joined in 2012 and I still don’t know where I stand or what I’m doing. Now I’m getting desperate – I’ve been hoping for so long.

    Now I’m going to Miami and hope to meet you there. Thank you for the encouragement.

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