Can Empower Network Really Help Your Online Business… Or, Is it Just Hype?

Is Empower Network Worth All The Hype?

Empower Network was released to the general public on October, 31st by marketing phenom, David Wood. But is this program / marketing system really a benefit to  your business, or is it just another way to pass money around on the Internet, and get the system creators richer? Let’s get a closer review of the Empower Network and learn the insider facts as to what Empower Network really is, and what it can and can’t do for your business.

When Empower Network was released…

it was claimed to totally eliminate all the technical aspects of your online marketing by providing its users with a “done for you” viral blogging system that had pre-made content already in place for you. You could then, go back in and either edit the content to make it your own, or simply use the content in place to market the system itself. If the user decided to edit the content, they could essentially market anything that would like, such as a traditional business, their network marketing company, or affiliate product. They simply write a blog post, and drive traffic to the post.

Empower Network

Empower Network

When it comes to traffic and the Empower Network, there is one clear advantage. Empower Network is  considered an “Authority Blog”. What does this mean , you ask? An authority blog usually ranks much higher than a typical website or blog. You see, search engines love content, and If you have several thousand to tens of thousands of Empower Network members creating content on a daily basis, Empower Network is sure to attract some attention from the  search engines like google, yahho, and bing. Your content posted on the “Authority Blog” (Empower Network) will then rank much higher than other people’s content not posted on an authority blog.

In the end, we see the value in marketing your business using the empower network, especially if you are a bit technically challenged. It helps the “average joe” eliminate all the common problems people face when trying to get their offer out to the masses using the Internet. But, why  the 70% commissions?

Empower Network Comp Plan

Many people have stated that the Empower Network compensation plan is just another way for people to pass money around on the internet, and that the reason for it’s quick massive success is the result of the 70% commissions… not the technology to create the blogging platform.

As a blogger myself for some time, I know the true value in having  your own blog online. Heck, it is the primary reason for my success. When I first spoke to the Empower Network system creators I was a bit skeptical as to how they were going to pull everything off. However, after getting on the inside, there is true value and the system does exactly what it’s claimed. The controversy comes in when the compensation plan is presented. As yo9u may already know, Empower Network does not earn a profit from it’s users directly. They pay out 70% commissions to their affiliates. When people first heard of this, they immediately called it a scheme to pass around money without truly during their research into the company.

You see, Empower Network system creators had 1 goal in mind when developing the blogging platform / marketing system. That was to get it into the hands of “average Joes”, and give them the potential to earn an income like the gurus. Your sure to get a few bad apples and naysayers in the building process, but the end results of tens of thousands of happy members is worth it.

So, what do the Empower Network system creators get out of the deal?

The creators have literally leveled the playing field. They earn an income the same way you and I do… they market the business. Sure, their branding is more evident on the Empower Network blog, which will in turn get them more exposure which is a benefit to them. However, they are the best at what they do … and that is… convert your traffic into sales for you. So, their branding needs to be on the Empower Blog to help you close your sales.

However, there is still one problem.. traffic.

Although Empower Network has highly converting sales pages, ranks highly in the search engine an “Authority Blog”, and includes a “done for you” blogging system to market your business, you still need a proven formula to drive mass amounts of traffic to your site to get those 70% commissions. Without knowledge in traffic generation, many will fail to succeed with Empower Network. Joining a team that has this knowledge along with step by step training and a proven marketing formula can be a huge asset in your marketing efforts.

Be sure to get a complete Empower Network Review, and make an informed decision as to whether or not this venture would be right for you. You’ll be able to find training, bonuses, stats, and more by visiting the link below.

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