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Empower Network sure has stirred up quite the emotion.

Let’s understand how the system entered into the market place and why you might be hearing about it so much.

Empower Network is the brain child of marketing legend, David Wood. Being well established in the world of online marketing, David has a massive list of prospects to get the message out to quickly. After stirring up quite the emotion at the “Live The Dream” event in Orlando, 2 weeks prior to the Empower Network launch, and reaching out to his top affiliates, he set the stage for a monumental grand opening for the system. Within 2 short weeks in business, over 6,000 affiliates now market the blogging system and received nearly $800,000 in 70% commissions paid straight to their bank accounts.

Could The Empower Network Comp Plan Be The Main Attraction?

This could be of great worries to many hoping to only utilize the blogging platform to grow their business. You see, with so much focus on reselling the system for 70% commissions, some of the focus may be taken away from the inner workings.

Being in the marketing industry myself for some time now, I know the importance of having a blog online. When I first spoke with David about what he was doing, I thought it was a great idea, although I had no clue how he was going to pull it off. Little did I know the persistence of his dreams and what would come of it.

Does The Empower Network Blogging System Really Work As Expected?

As a marketing trainer, and Empower Network Training and Bonus Platform Creator, I teach others how to get their own self hosted blogs online often. And I’ll tell ya… the technical challenges people face can be a nightmare. Wanting to cut down on my tech support calls I thought I’d give the Empower Network a shot. To my surprise, I had a full-blown website / blog online within seconds of activating my account.

The System runs off of WordPress. A very common (arguably the most common) blogging platform on the planet. The problem – most people have a hard time installing their own self hosted WordPress blogs. Empower Network totally removes all the technical challenges people face when trying to do this. After testing its inner workings and seeing the results it produced I was pleasantly surprised at its simplicity. I don’t put my name on many things, but I would feel confident recommending this blogging platform to anyone trying to market their business online that struggles with the technical side of things. Being able to resell the system for 70% of the profits is just an added bonus.

For more information and to learn whether this blogging platform / marketing system is a right fit for your business, visit: Empower Network.

Empower Network

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