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Empower Network | Austin, Texas 2013 Event Recap...Empower Network

Empower Network | Austin, TX 2013

Empower Network Event | Austin, Texas 2013

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  1. David Edwards
    5 years ago

    Jon,,,I’m on the floor right now….blown away by your latest e-mail!
    totally amazing.
    Definately going to do my part to help you double your check….Priceless info.
    I am very grateful that when signing up for the Empower Network Program that I was connected with you as my coach/mentor!
    you rock,,,,much success and thanks again for not just info to get a full run on this compnany but you always are sending like not just a bowl of icecream but you go all out and add bananas, strawberries, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and even go the extra mile to add a cherry on top!

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Haha – that is awesome David 🙂 It is great to have you on board and great to be working with you. Loved your analogy of the ice cream. Looking forward to seeing you on stage in Chicago. Talk soon!

  2. Kyle Gibson
    5 years ago

    Jon keep killin’ it man. Everything you put down turns to gold.

    Wish I was on your team, but EN lays it out there for anyone to go and get the pie.

    Great chatting with you at ‘Easy Tiger’ and if you have a sec, tell me who you bought those biz cards from…they’re genius! QR code..’nuff said

    And if you do coaching you’ve got my email now.. Take care brother.

  3. Marvin
    5 years ago

    Hey Jon, It has been a long time me watching you quietly killing it here on the internet,due to some limiting beliefs of my own which does not help when people around you @#$% well you know what I mean..(leaving that part out of this post) Most of all Jon, allthough I had never even heard of you before maybe 4 years ago on the internet somewere. I am sure glad I never got off your list Dude if you only knew. Thanks for all the value you bring… I am sold out and in it to WIN IT.

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Hey Marvin, great to hear from you! Been a while… great to hear you are in it for the long haul. I am glad that you never gave up – let,s make 2013 your year! Looking forward to seeing your results 🙂

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