Empower Network – Is It $25 MONTHLY?!

Empower Network $25 Monthly?

Empower Network – Are These Monthly Recurring Transactions?

Empower Network Costs What? You mean I have to pay $25 EVERY month?!

I actually get this a lot. And yes, you are correct in that there is a $25 basic membership level, which means that you pay this subscription every month. However, after you read this article… you wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, there isn’t even a slight possibility that I would have ever considered joining Empower Network if it were only a 1 time payment to join the company.

empower-network-jon-mroz-sponsoredEmpower Network’s monthly fee is actually what makes this affiliate program so attractive. You see, just as you are paying $25 for the blogging platform and hosting services (that are valued at over 100 times this cost), your enrollees are also paying YOU $25 every month.

It is not uncommon for many of my teammates to enroll several hundred people. I personally enrolled over 730 people my first 6 months as seen in the screenshot to the left. However, I like to under promise and over deliver, so let’s look at some low numbers… sound good?

Your Monthly Potential With Empower Network

OK, let’s say you enroll 10 people into Empower Network. Just as you had to pay your sponsor $25 for your blogging platform and hosting services, those 10 people also have to pay you EVERY MONTH. This is where the Passive Residual Income kicks in. It’s how big companies like Comcast, AT&T, and other subscription based businesses make their millions, and it’s where Empower Network gets really exciting for you! You see, you are only paying your sponsor $25 but because you have 10 active Empower Network affiliates under you, you are now receiving $250 from your team… and remember – that is EVERY MONTH.

So, let’s say you enroll another 10 people into Empower Network at the basic level the following month… you make $250 that month too … right? WRONG! You make $500. Remember, you now have 20 affiliates paying you monthly and those 10 from the previous month continue to pay you as well. It’s pretty exciting when it all starts to add up. Every single day when I awake – before I start working (if you want to call it that : ), I can expect to have dozens of $25 and $100 commissions awaiting me in my e-mail inbox.

Empower Network’s Inner Circle Can Quadruple Your Income

empower-network-inner-circleYup, you heard right – $100 commissions as well. You can choose to start Empower Network at the lowest level – the basic level, which is only $25. However, when you are ready to take your business to the next level, you can decide to upgrade to the inner circle level which gives you access to hundreds of hours of leadership calls, where empower network’s top earners detail what they do on a daily basis to build their business online. I teach within the inner circle as well, and what’s even better, you can earn $100 commissions at the Empower Network Inner Circle level as well.

For a complete breakdown of the membership levels within Empower Network, visit: “Empower Network Costs”

One of the main concerns of anyone who has never joined an online affiliate program such as Empower Network (where there is recurring billing), is whether or not the cancellation process is simple. I can assure you that although I will never cancel Empower Network myself, the cancellation process is as simple as clicking 1 button. Simply log into your back office and click cancel – it’s as simple as that. I will say though, it is very rare for anyone to cancel because remember – it only takes 1 to pay for your membership, 3 to be in pure profit.

Add to that, the extreme team training, bonuses, systems, and support communities that I have in place for my team FOR FREE… well, you’d have to be out of your mind to cancel : )

For more info on how my exclusive team training is generating more success stories within Empower Network on a daily basis than any other, visit:

Empower Network Bonuses and Training

…And to hear what the team has to say about the above training, visit:

Empower Network Testimonials

Lastly, to get a better understanding of how quickly your income can grow with Empower Network…

Take a Look at My Personal Account Where I Log In Below and Earn $9,300 My First 14 Days In The System

Click the expand option (lower right) to view full screen and the < option to share.

…And for a breakdown of the compensation plan as a whole, visit the Empower Network Comp Plan.

Although I show you your potential above, it often comes down to taking action in your life to see massive results. There is no guarantee that  you will do the same that I have, but then again, with me laying it all out for you within my team training and bonuses, there’s no reason why you can’t do better than I have. It all starts with a decision…


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  1. Rodney Butler
    4 years ago

    Can an individual upgrade at a later date to the inner cicle? Especially if through this program a person is going to make a decent income. Receiving such an income a person would gladly pay more to make more….

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Hey Rodney, good to hear from you. Yes, you can upgrade to any level at any time. And yes, you are correct – I made the most money at the Inner Circle level last year – right at around $200K where I made around $150K at the Basic level. Hope that helps.

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