Empower Network | ‘Costa Rica’ Masters Retreat 2012

Empower Network Costa Rica Masters retreat

Empower Network ‘Costa ‘Rica’ Masters Retreat

The Empower Network Masters Retreat, held at Hilton Papagayo Resort & Spa, located in a secluded bay on the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Papagayo, Guanacaste just outside the better known town of Liberia has recently come to a close.

This retreat was a bit different than Empower Network’s usual wild events that always have thousands in attendance as seen here. Instead, David Wood and David Sharpe decided to make this event a bit more intimate, only allowing 100 of the most eager Empower Network students the chance to attend.

Why Was The Costa Rica Masters Retreat So Exclusive?

There’s a few good reasons why Empower Network made this special event so exclusive and intimate.

A chance to rub shoulders, relax, and soak up as much knowledge as you can with industry icons

David Wood and David Sharpe wanted this to be a place where true breakthroughs happened.  They wanted the event attendees, the ones that forked over a pretty decent chunk of change (ranging at around $5K plus expenses), to truly get their money’s worth. And believe me, there’s not a single Empower Network event attendee that left the retreat with less than 100 times the value they invested into the event.  You see, because this was a place where the attendees got the chance to really hang out with the top earners in the company and truly gain as much value as possible.

Look over shoulder masters retreatI remember getting started in this industry, struggling my butt off, saying to myself… “If I could only fly to my mentors house and just look over his shoulder for a week… If only I could, there’s no limit to what I could accomplish…”

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to fly to my mentors house (which at the time, was simply my first sponsor). And that was OK, because little to my knowledge, he was more than likely only making a few hundred dollars more than I was at my day job. : )

At the Empower Network Costa Rica Masters Retreat, you have the ability to not only hang out, and rub shoulders with Empower Network’s top earners such as:

Rob Fore
Aaron and Sophia Rashkin
Tony & Jessica Rush
Chuck (Charles) Marshall
Justin Verrengia
Niamh Arthur
Lawrence Tam
Simon Stepsys
Tracey Walker
John Wells
And of course, myself – Jon Mroz

… but these leaders are some of the best in the entire industry… worldwide.  Not to mention, super stars such as Deagan Smith would just show up to add even more value to the Masters Retreat Product in creation, which brings me to my next topic…

The Costa Rica Masters Retreat HD DVD Series Featuring The Essential Ingredients to a Massively Successful Online Business.

costa rica masters retreat productOne of the primary reasons for the retreat was to film the newest addition to Empower Network’s already stellar product line. Simply named – “Costa Rica Masters Retreat”, this will be the final addition  ranging at a purchase price of $3,500 which is awesome news for Empower Network’s affiliates, giving them the ability to increase their already skyrocketing incomes.

The “Costa Rica Masters Retreat” product will also attract ‘High Ticket’ affiliates that previously shunned Empower Network, seeing it only as a “nickel and dime opportunity”.

The product includes insightful marketing secrets by the industries top producers. Being in attendance and having a part in this product, I can truly say that this content is not to be missed. It has the potential to truly change your life, and DID change many of the lives that were at the event.

The release of this product is scheduled to be announced at the Empower Network San Diego Event, held September 21st thru the 23rd of 2012

To Prove That Living a Life Of Abundance Is Not Only Possible, But Is Within a Realistic Reach.

Masters RetreatThe Hilton Papagayo Resort & Spa is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. It was not without reason that David Wood selected this all-inclusive resort as the destination for the Costa Rica Masters Retreat of 2012.

Much like David Wood, I started with nothing… no knowledge as to how to market online, no one to guide me and show to path to success.

  • Yet, in just a little over a year, I was able to quit my dreaded dead-end J.O.B. and go full time online.
  • In just over 2 years, I was able to buy the house of my dreams a mile from the ocean in sunny Florida.
  • And in just over 3 years, I am a top earner in one of the most powerful marketing systems online, have complete financial freedom, and am traveling the world attending, and hosting events in the most exotic places on earth.

I, along with all of the leaders above, are living proof that this Can Be Done.

You Can Do This.

You too can be at the next “Masters Retreat” soaking up all the knowledge you’ll need to take your business to the next level: 



You too can be sailing away on a private catamaran to go snorkeling at your own private island: 

jon-mroz-catamaran-costa-rica            masters retreat


You too can decide to rub shoulders with the world’s top internet marketers and dine at the most exclusive beach side restaurants the world has to offer:

empower-dinner           Masters Retreat

Masters Retreat

You too can decide to swim up to the in-pool bar to chat with other like-minded entrepreneurs making the hundreds of thousands of dollars that you know you are worth: 

Masters Retreat           Masters Retreat

Masters Retreat

It all starts with a decision.

A decision to become of more value to others by learning, and applying what has been proven to work time and time again, as seen on our exclusive team benefits and bonuses page.

A decision to partner up with those that are doing things that you want to be doing.

A decision to make things happen rather than making excuses.


I look forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world.

To Your Limitless Potential,

Empower Network Jon Mroz Signature


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