Empower Network Capture Pages – Just Another Company Replicated Site?

Empower Network Capture Pages

Empower Network Capture Page

Empower Network Capture Pages – Do they really convert, or are they just another replicated, company provided squeeze page that helps the company market their brand rather than helping YOU?

Having a well-crafted marketing funnel in place really is the name of the game these days.

In most MLM’s or Network Marketing Companies, you are given a replicated web site, and capture page that brands ONLY the company, and is meant ONLY to help the company sell their product. Unfortunately, and in most cases, the company could really care less if YOU made the sale, or someone else did.

This is where Empower Network really separates themselves from the rest. Sure… in the end, we are marketing the Empower Network blogging platform, and David Wood’s training products.Empower Network claims to give ANYONE the opportunity to earn commissions online. They say – “You don’t have to know about sales, you don’t have to worry about doing presentations, you don’t have to worry about knowing all the ‘tech stuff – leave that to us (Empower Network).”

You’ll also find that the way they approach people is entirely different from most network marketing companies, MLM’s or affiliate companies.

Take a look at the ‘company provided “Empower Network” capture pages below:

Empower Network Capture Page - 3 Tricks      empower-network-almost-secret      Empower-Network-Capture-Page-Love

Click the capture page images above to enlarge

You’ll notice that “Empower Network” is NOT the focus of the page design. In fact, these pages have been tested over and over again to ensure they convert for the “User” of Empower Network, rather than the company.

You see, these pages come from an approach of value-based marketing – a technique used by the top marketing experts online. So, rather than pitching your Network Marketing Company or MLM right from the capture page, you are greeted with valuable training. You simply put in your email, and you are given “Value” in return.

Don’t you think that is much more attractive than “Pitching”?

What Happens When Someone Opts Into Your Empower Network Capture Page?

When someone opts into your Empower Network Capture Page (depending on which page they opt into) they are either greeted with extremely valuable training videos (taught by the industries top producers), or a sales video that explains the Empower Network opportunity in full, and how it can benefit your business if you decide to implement the strategies taught.

What comes next is vitally important to your success online.

If you are not familiar with how capture pages work, here is a very quick break down.

  • Your lead opts in with their name or email
  • Your lead is redirected to valuable content, training, or a sales video
  • Your lead then has the option to place an order
  • Your lead is followed up with by your autoresponder on total autopilot, with no effort from you. They receive valuable content, information and training, and have the opportunity to purchase the product or join you in your opportunity.

Unfortunately, most marketers get this process wrong.

With Empower Network – all of this is handled for you. If you don’t own an autoresponder like aweber.com, then Empower Network does the follow up for you. They market to your leads in a VERY professional style, and when someone purchases thru your link, YOU get the 70% commission… NOT the company.

Now, I will say that there is 1 downfall to this. Even though Empower Network would never abuse the leads you generated, if you don’t have your own autorepsonder plugged into Empower Network, you don’t have control over these leads.

If you are just getting started in this industry, it is not too important that you have an autoresponder on day 1. However, I do recommend getting one once you start producing leads on a daily basis. It is extremely important that you build a list, and Empower Network is an AMAZING tool for ‘List Building’. You should take full advantage of it.

Our Team’s Exclusive Empower Network Capture Page and Follow-up Campaign

Although the Empower Network capture pages have proven to convert at around 33%, you still face the risk of these pages getting saturated.

Heck, with over 22,000 people joining Empower Network in their first months, there are bound to be a LOT of marketers marketing those pages.

We have always found that by having separate pages in place for our team, we (as a team) are standing out from the rest of the pack. We have additional training, sales videos, capture pages, systems, membership sites, support groups, and added bonuses valued in the thousands. It only makes sense to have sites in place for our team that let others know what they receive when they join us.

This is called a USP – a Unique Selling Proposition, and it’s what has our team leading pack in Empower Network. These USP’s help YOU stand out, giving your prospects and leads compelling and even irresistible reasons to join You in our group within Empower Network.

An Example of One of Our Exclusive Empower Network Team Capture Pages is Below:


Click the image above to enlarge

Once you opt in to the capture page above, you will find that you are given the blueprint, the roadmap, that details exactly how I was able to produce over 6 figures within my first 5 months in Empower network, and how you can do the same following these same strategies.

What’s even better, you’ll have access to my exact follow-up campaign. That’s right… I’ve done all the work for you in creating the messages that will follow up with your prospects. You simply copy and paste the code I give to you within our Exclusive Empower Network Team Membership Bonus Site, and a full month’s worth of work is done for you in an instant. Your complete follow-up campaign is ready to go, you simply change out my links with yours.

For more information on what I have in place for our Empower Network team, be sure to visit, the Empower Network Bonus Page.

Be sure to opt in to our “Team” Empower Network Capture Page if you haven’t already. Really take a close look at how the follow up messages are crafted. I thnk you’ll find that they convert like crazy!

Yours in Mastery and Automation,

Empower Network

Jon Mroz


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