Empower Network Atlanta Seminar (Recap)

Empower Network Atlanta Event

Empower Network Event – Atlanta

Empower Network hosted an event June 8th – 10th 2012 at the beautiful Omni Hotel in Atlanta Georgia. To be honest, I had a lot on my plate at the time of the conference and even questioned attending…. for about a minute. You see – It’s events like these that change people’s lives, and its decisions like attending these events that will take your business to the next level. If you missed Atlanta, you missed something special.

How It All Began…

Empower Network Atlanta LimosIt started a day early for the top earners and recruiters of Empower Network. We arrived on Wednesday evening and awoke at the Omni early on Thursday, June 7th to a pair of stretched Hummer Limos departing to a beautiful lake house estate just outside Atlanta. We arrived to what looked like something straight out of the movies. A perfect setting to say the least. After lunch we shared ideas and masterminded with leaders including, but not limited to, David Wood, David Sharpe, Rob Fore, Tracy Walker, Raven Starre, Simon Stepsys, Lawrence Tam, Tony Rush, Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, Kris & Jessica Darty and many more (sorry if I left anyone out). Relationships formed, ideas flowed and history was in the making. It’s gatherings like these that change companies forever.

Empower Network Mastermind Event

Empower Network Retreat

Empower Network Lake House

Empower Network Mastermind

After the mastermind we were off to a picturesque cottage town ranked among the top in the nation, called Serenby. We winded down over a spectacular meal in preparation for the coming days’ events. What a day!

Empower Network Mastermind Meal At “The Hil” – Serenby, Georgia


The Empower Network Seminar

Friday arrived with excitement in the air. You could feel the energy as over 1,200 event attendees poured into the Omni hotel anxious to get registered for the main event. The top 100 affiliates quietly met in the basement of the hotel to share stories of how “this little blogging platform” grew from a stinky hotel room in Las Vegas with only 30 people in attendance, to now nearly selling out the main International Ballroom of the Omni Hotel. Just imagine what the future holds.

Empower Network Seminar

Empower Network Seminar

David Wood And David Sharpe – Rock Stars?

Friday, June 8th – 6:30 PM – The International Ballroom fills to the brim with Empower Network affiliates ready to take action, and change the course of their lives forever. David Wood and David Sharpe Enter the room like rock stars as the music roared, and the lights scanned the room as if we were at a major concert. The crowd went wild, bursting into cheer and applause. You could feel that something big was about to happen.

As the event continued I started to realize that this seminar was like nothing I have ever attended before. There was something more real about it. The speakers weren’t slick talking, suite wearing salesmen… in fact it was quite the opposite. I think David Wood actually wore the same outfit 2 days in a row – shorts, flip-flops, and a t-shirt. The message was that of pure value with its primary focus to assist YOU – the attendee. Simple yet highly effective marketing strategies were discussed. Leadership techniques to help you produce more in your business (while having a life at the same time) were emphasized. I personally enjoyed these teachings as all too often I get caught up in customer support only to find that half my day has disappeared. Applying this method the day I returned from the event doubled how productive I was in my business.

Simple marketing strategies on how to “get 2” into your Empower Network business daily were taught. Applying this will result in earning over $10,000.00 within 2 months. And to prove it, the top 30 earners were called on stage to share their stories.

$133,800.00 With Empower network In Under 6 Months?!



Above, you can see where I was presented with a $133,800.00 check for my efforts within Empower Network. Keep in mind that these earnings were generated in less than 6 months and by the time I received this check, my earnings were actually closer to $146,800.00. That’s over $10,000.00 in about a week’s time. Something to think about when considering the power of Empower Network, and the potential that it gives you.

The Empower Network Team Dinner

Saturday evening I decided to pass on the top earners dinner to meet with our Empower Network team at “Stats”, a well-known Atlanta sports bar located about 2 blocks from the Omni. What an incredible group of people we work with! It was nice to finally put a face with the voices I hear on the phone, chat with within our team facebook community, or receive emails from daily. And although only 1/100th of our team were in attendance, I know these numbers will double, if not quadruple by the time we meet in San Diego – hint hint. 🙂


Empower Network Atlanta


Is Empower Network For You?

Many people claim that they don’t have the ability to work this type of business. They say that they don’t know how to properly market. And although we have all the training, support, and systems you could possibly ask for to grow your Empower Network business (or ANY business for that matter), it really just comes down to one thing…

You want to know what that is?


In fact, I can trace just about every major success I’ve had in business to the connections I’ve made over the last decade.

The bottom line is, every successful leader in this and every industry has this single thing in common. They all form alliances with other successful people.
And yes, most of these alliances are created face to face at events like the recent Empower Network Atlanta event. Success in this, or any industry really comes down to meeting and networking with other like-minded, successful people.

I hope to see you at the upcoming September 2012, Empower Network Seminar in San Diego… so we can shake hands in person. 😉

Yours truly,

Empower Network


If you enjoyed the above Empower Network Atlanta Event Recap and have decided that it’s your turn to start earning money by applying some of the most cutting edge marketing strategies, simply click the logo above and you’ll be plugged into our team training and resources detailing the exact action steps you can take to see true results with Empower Network.

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  1. Simon Stepsys
    5 years ago

    Hi John,

    It was amazing meeting you and all the leaders in Atlanta! We all had an Incredible time with the Empower Network so much so that I have decided to double my time on working my empower business from 1 hour a day to 2 hours a day!

    This should easily double my income, maybe even more.

    Anyway can’t wait to see you all in San Diego in September!

    Keep being awesome!

    Simon Stepsys

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      It was so good getting to hang out with you Simon! Can’t wait to meet up at the next event in San Diego. Don’t work too hard 🙂

  2. Jon Jackson
    5 years ago

    Hi Jon

    Looks like alot of fun you all had there, hope you didn’t have to carry that cheque around with you all night:) lol
    I am already booked on the Webinar with Ray Higdon for tonight!

    Looked like a great weekend!!!

    Talk Soon


    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Awesome Jon! Yeah, getting that check home was a bit of a hassle but we made it happen. What a blast!

  3. John Pell
    5 years ago

    After watching your “Rockstars” video, all I am able to say is, “WOW.” Sorry I missed it. I have been to conventions, seminars, whatever one wants to call get-togethers, and the excitement is catching to say the least. I have not yet joined Empower. To be honest, still am not convinced that I will be able to do it. I am somewhat technically challenged. Any thoughts on that?
    I do appreciate your emailing me the video and photos.

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Sure thing John – feel free to give me a ring and we’ll go over your personal situation to see if this is a right fit for you or not. Looking forward to it.

  4. Heather Martin
    5 years ago

    Hello Jon!

    How exciting!!! I cannot wait to become a part of the Empower Network Community!! I have been researching online quite a bit in the last year, (I’m very skeptical!!..lol), and I’ve not come across anything even close in comparrison!!! I’ve wasted enough time “researching”…sooo ready to dive in & give it all I got!!! Thanks Jon, for sharing your success!!! I’m hoping to see you in San Diego in September!!!

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Great to hear Heather – hopefully after reading this post, you now know without a shadow of a doubt there there is no reason to be skeptical. This is a real business and with effort – anything is possible. Looking forward to hearing your results soon as well. Talk soon 🙂

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