Empower Network Atlanta Seminar / Conference – The First Of Its Kind, Or Just Another Pitch Fest?

Empower Network Atlanta Event

Empower Network | The Event (Atlanta, Georgia)

In April of 2012, Empower Network announced their first ever seminar / conference to be held in Atlanta, Georgia June 8th – 10th. Now, let’s understand the differences between most events of this kind and what Empower Network promises to do. Most conferences teach a few good things that can really help your business, but a good portion of these types of seminars are what we call “Pitch Fests”.

What is a Pitch Fest you ask?

A pitch fest is when a group of online marketing gurus sell you a low priced event ticket to get you to a conference / seminar only to upsell you into high ticket product… usually at $1K or more.

So, what separates this Empower Network Conference / Event from the rest?

Simple – Empower Network‘s Owners Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have guaranteed that this event will be a no-pitch, 100% pure value seminar that will challenge you to do more in your business. Some of this industries top performers and producers have been invited to speak at the event (including myself), to push you harder in every area of your life.

Empower Network NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

empower-network-non-disclosure-agreementThe strategies and tactics taught behind these closed doors will be some of the most powerful trainings they’ve never released to the public. They have been so well guarded that “Everyone who attends this event will be Required to sign an NDA document that will bind them to secrecy”.

What will you learn at the Empower Network Atlanta event?

For the most part, you will be given a roadmap, an outline that will train you to focus yourself and your marketing efforts in a manner that will enable you to go from zero to $15K per month in 3 months or less. Although Empower Network can never make any guarantees as to how much you will earn (due to the fact that it is up to you to run your own business, and it is based solely on your efforts), these strategies have been proven to work time and time again. You simply take action and apply what you learn at the Empower Network Event. From there… the possibilities are virtually limitless.

The Empower Network “Don’t Be A Wussy 2012” Event.

The Empower Network Event held in Atlanta is rightly named “Don’t Be A Wussy 2012”.  Why? because only wussy’s make excuses for themselves. They don’t follow thru and make the changes they desire in life. Blunt? Yeah, I’d say so… however, it needs to be said.

  • It’s time to stop making excuses.
  • It’s time to take life by the horns and get off the side lines.
  • It’s time to stand up for yourself and make the commissions that you know your worth.
  • It’s time to start living the way YOU desire.
  • It’s time to Stop being a wussy, and take charge.

This is “THE” event of the year, and Empower Network gives you a 100% guarantee that this will be an be an experience you’ll talk about for years to come, and you will NEVER forget what you experience behind those closed doors June 8-10, 2012 in Atlanta, GA.

Empower Network Atlanta, Georgia Event…

empower-network-atlanta-event-omniWill you be in attendance?

If you plan on attending the event and you are not a member of Empower Network, you’ll first need to become one. The Atlanta event is closed to the public and only members are able to purchase tickets.  To become a member and pick up thousands in exclusive Empower Network Team Training, Bonuses, and Systems, you can get started here.

Once you are a member and logged in, you can click here to purchase your Empower Network Seminar event tickets.

Unfortunately, depending on when you are reading this post, you may be too late. When Empower Network opened up the flood gates for members to book a hotel room… they sold out the entire block within an hour. They had to call and have them open up another block to make sure you could get in. And they did. But the same rush of fanatical chaos will ensue the second we open up tickets for sale. So that only means one thing…

To get a steep discount and snatch up your seat in Atlanta – you’ll need to act quickly.

I’ll see you in Atlanta.

To Your Limitless Potential,

Empower Network

Jon Mroz


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