Empower Network | $15K Per Month Formula

$15K Per Month Formula

$15K Per Month Formula

Empower Network’s $15K Per Month Formula is a stand alone product created by Empower Network’s top earners… most of which are already earning over $15K per month (myself included).

Our goal here was to give away our top marketing strategies in an effort to provide as much value as possible back into the community at Empower Network. The Dave’s (David Wood and David Sharpe) contacted experts in each field for example:

  • Social Media
  • Syndication
  • SEO and Linkbuilding
  • PPC
  • Copywriting
  • Leadership
  • And more…

Honestly, it doesn’t matter which topic you want to learn, it’s covered by experts who are currently earning 5 figures per month using these exact strategies. This is particularly refreshing as many of the “Gurus” online today are very good at selling their own info products. In other words, they can literally create products in which they don’t know much about and sell them to unknowing newbies. With the $15K Per Month Formula, you are learning from the best, who have made it their career to do what they are teaching, NOT sell what they aren’t doing.

The $15K Per Month Formula – The Product

The $15K per month formula is somewhat of a stand alone product. What does this mean? Well, there are 3 products in the Empower network sales funnel – Those are:

  • The Empower Network Viral Authority Blogging Platform ($25 monthly)
  • The Inner Circle ($100 Monthly)
  • The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive ($500 one time)

You cannot purchase a higher level product without purchasing the preceding product. For example – you cannot purchase the Costa Rica Intensive product without purchasing the Inner circle and the basic levels, and you cannot purchase the inner circle without first purchasing the basic level. However, with the $15K Per Month Formula, you can simply buy this product from your back office in Empower Network. You only need to be a member of the Basic level to access this.

Empower Network’s $15K Per Month Formula

$15K Per Month Formula

Is Empower Network’s $15K Per Month Formula Right For You?

Having personally taught in lesson 3 of the $15K Per Month Formula, I know the real value in which one will receive when making their purchase. The question is not whether or not the product is worth it, as I truly believe that this course over delivers by 10 fold. But rather, what will you do with the product when you receive it?

If you purchase the product and do not apply what is taught, you will see no results and therefore should not consider making the purchase. However, if you apply what you learn and let nothing stand in your way in accomplishing the tasks at hand, there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish by implementing what is taught within the $15K Per Month Formula.

To learn more about what we as a team, have in place for you, be sure to visit my Empower Network Bonuses Page. Or, to get started with Empower network and pick up the $15K Per Month Formula on the inside, simply click the button below…

Empower Network - Get Access Now

In Mastery,

Empower Network

Jon Mroz

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