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How To Generate 70% Commissions Without Technical Hurdles

If you’ve attempted to market your business online before, or are currently doing so, you know the amount of technical difficulties you can face.  So many marketers are missing out on success because they just won’t make the leap from the old school, off line marketing methods to the lucrative online marketing pool.  Whether you just don’t have the time to learn all the technical ups and downs, or you’d just prefer to forgo them all together, there is now a solution to your problem.  With Empower Network, you can leave the tech stuff behind and get to marketing right off the bat…all while earning 70% commissions!

Technical Detour…70% Commissions Ahead! 

70% commissions empower-network-detourFrom a marketing perspective, the internet seems like a no-brainer, right?  Why continue to hassle family and friends and scramble to get people to come to meetings when there is an endless amount of people online?  People who, rather than needing to be convinced why your business is right for them, are already in the process of searching, so don’t need to be convinced.  As alluring as it is, some marketers just can’t get past the technical end of things.

Building a blog, setting up autoresponders, creating capture pages…it can all seem so overwhelming.  Sure, there’s always the option to pay someone to do these things for you.  But odds are, if you’re just getting started, you don’t have the additional income for that.  Empower Network has a solution.  Within minutes of joining, you’ll have a fully functional blog up and running that you can immediately begin adding content to.  At only $25 per month, its a much better deal than the amount you would have to pay to have someone build you your own blog.

Sounds Great…But Where Do The 70% Commissions Come In?

100-CommissionsIf you already have an opportunity that you are currently marketing, then Empower Network basically gives you the chance to earn money doing what you were already doing in the first place…marketing.  You can use Empower Network to market your current opportunity and also earn 70% commissions from marketing Empower Network, as well.  Having only one person join your Empower Team means your Empower subscription is paid for.  Payments are made directly to you, no waiting for checks weekly or monthly.  You could be earning 70% commissions on a daily basis!

No Opportunity To Market?  Well There’s No Business Like The 70% Commissions Business!

Perhaps you are new to the industry and still looking for the opportunity that’s right for you.  You can still earn with Empower Network…just by marketing Empower Network!  Why not learn the ropes on a low cost program that will pay you 70% commissions while you are doing so?

100-commisions-marketingThere are plenty of marketers out there looking for a tool like Empower Network to help them advertise online more easily.  Why shouldn’t you be the one to sell it to them?  The good news is, even as you progress in your marketing, you’ll always be able to benefit from Empower Network. Even if you join other opportunities later, you can still market those programs with your Empower Network blog.   Not long from now, when you’ve put in your time and mastered the world of online marketing by implementing our exclusive 70% commission Empower Network training, there will still be prospects of yours who will be where you are now.  They may be too intimidated to join you in whatever your primary business is at that time.  With Empower Network on your side, you can offer them a low cost way to learn while earning 70% commissions of their own.

Does 70% Commissions = 100% Success?

Of course not!  Like any other business out there, not all will succeed.  Even with the amazing simplicity of Empower Network, you will still need some training to learn how to use it properly.

Yes, you have detailed training in your Empower Network back office, but a much quicker route to learn the secrets of the pros is to tap into training created by them. Best of all – it’s 100% free when  you decide to partner in Empower Network 70% commission Team:

In Mastery,

Empower Network

Jon Mroz


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